Gaya Street Sunday Market【周日加雅街逛】

Hi all Steemits! How are you guys doing recently? Apologies that recently really very busy with own works and personal matters, not much enough time for me to update at Steemit.

 As lots of people will thinking that, weekend is the best time for us to rest well at home before Monday blue start work. Well, today im gonna share about a local Sunday Market name Gaya Street. I believe that as a local of Sabahan sure know that every Sunday will be having “Gaya Street Sunday Market” from 06:30am  – 1:00pm. It is located at town areas of Kota Kinabalu. The Sunday Market will be always traffic jam with transportation and also humans too as we always said “people mountain people sea” with local Sabahan and also international tourist too. At there selling alots of things such as local foods, local snacks, souvenirs, ice creams car, vegetables, fruits, pets, and many more.



Local Durian in Sabah, unbelieable that at this season still have durian to sell.

> 当地榴莲,在这个季节既然还有榴莲啊。

Left side : Local green chili, which is not spicy one. Right side : As local we name is as “bambangan” which is also name as “Jungle Mango”.
> 左边:当地辣椒,不至于辣的味道 。右边: 当地的芒果叫“Bambangan”意思就是野山的芒果。

We have sweet pineapples.

> 我们有甜蜜的菠萝或称为黄梨

Local seasonal fruits as “Talap”.

> 当地著名的水果达拉。大家可以看 Sabah Local Fruits : Tarap / Talap

Left side: A vegetables, im not sure about the name. Sorry about it, beside it was the bitterguard. Middle of the picture:eggplant(purple color), inside the small basket is little bitter guard which also very randomly see in market. Right side: sweet potatoes and pineapples. At below we have ladies fingers.
> 左边开始: 是一个素菜,但是我忘记它的名字了。之后就是苦瓜。在中间的照片是矮瓜或者说茄子。再来就是当地的小苦瓜,番薯,波罗蜜,之后就是羊角豆 。

Big and own self plant of papayas.

> 自己在家后院种的木瓜。多么的大颗啊。

Came from different types of mangoes.

> 不一样品种的芒果。

Yardlong bean which in malay we called as Kacang Panjang. And the red color is wild yardlong bean. 长豆

Local of salt fish. 咸鱼啊


Our local snack name as kuih cincin which is snack ring.

> 当地的小零食名称叫小戒指。

The malay’s kuih kuih. They used to be fried of this. Its crispy outside when its just cooled for few minutes.

Lunch Fruits Salad 《水果午餐》

Since today is my day off, and im gonna to make a simple and healty lunch for me and family which is fruits salad! Its very simple that you need to do! Come, lets see!
> 今天难得放假在家,想要好好享用健康营养的水果午餐!

Ingredients :
1. 2 green apples and cut into cube size
2. 2 red apples and cut into cube size
3. 2 oranges and cut into cube size
4. 1 small honeydew and cut into cube size
5. Raisin (optional)
6. Lady Choice brand – Fruits salad mayonnaise
材料 :
1. 2粒青苹果,切成小块 2. 2粒红苹果,切成小块
3. 2粒橙子,切成小块
4. 1小粒哈密瓜,切成小块
5. 小包的葡萄干(看个人)
6. 水果美奈子酱 – Lady Choice 牌子

Step 1 :
2 green apples, 2 red apples
> 2粒青苹果和2粒红苹果(要不要削皮看个人)

Step 2 :
Add on 2 oranges
> 加入2粒橙子

Step 3:
Put all the honeydews and also You may put raisins (optional)
> 放入哈密瓜后,可添加葡萄干(看看个人)

Step 4:
Lastly, add fruits mayonese by Lady Choice, stir it and ready to be served. If you wish to eat cold salad fruits, you may put at fridge for 1-2 hours and enjoy it!
> 最后你可以加入水果美奈子酱之后搅拌。如果想要更好吃的话,可以放入冰箱冷藏1-2小时后可食用。

上海东方明珠塔 (Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower)

哈喽各位,这次小妹带大家游玩上海城市吧!我觉得大家都应该听过上海哦。上海,简称”胡”,是一个国际知名的大都市,越来越受到世界各国的关注。 它位于长江入海口,是华东地区最具影响力的经济,金融,国际贸易,文化,科技中心。 此外,它是游客感受国家脉动发展的热门目的地。

> Shanghai, named as “Hu” for short, is a renowned international metropolis drawing more and more attention from all over the world. Situated on the estuary of Yangtze River, it serves as the most influential economic, financial, international trade, cultural, science and technology center in East China. Also it is a popular destination for visitors to sense the pulsating development of the country. Shanghai, the 2 chinese characters in the city’s name are Shang Hai together is meaning that “above the sea”. This city also have a special name which is “Pearl of the Orient” and the “Paris of the East” which is chinese is Dong Fang Ming Zhu.

上海环球金融中心 (中间)

> Shanghai World Financial Center – Middle

上海环球金融中心 (在照片里的后面)

> Shanghai World Financial Center – most behind of the picture.

上海环球金融中心 (在照片里的中间)是在浦东东方明珠下面的环岛桥的365度,最佳观景台拍出来。

> The Shanghai World Financial Center (in the middle of the photo) is 365 degrees from the roundabout bridge under the Pearl of the Oriental Pudong. It is shot at the best viewing platform.


> Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower is a landmark building in Shanghai and a national 5A tourist attraction in China. Currently ranked fifth in the world tower. Inside Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower, there will be have a rotation 360 degree restaurant that you can view from the restaurant while you are enjoying the views! (Remarks : It need to be pre-book early for the reservations).


> Inside Pearl of the Oriental 86th Floor capture photos of Pudong.


> Inside Oriental Pearl Tower capture the view of Shanghai City with the clear glass.

黑龙江雪乡之旅 (China Hei Long Jiang Snow Village Tour)


因为地形的关系形成雪是中国降雪量最大的地区 ,
真的太美了, 有机会到中国东北一定要去!

不过这里天气真的好冷, 平均温度在零下25度(-25°C)- 35度(-35C)-保暖衣服一定需要准备好。人生必须到一次的地方雪乡。

> 中国雪乡牌

> 雪乡周围



>  走走看看吧!天气真的好冷,而且再加上风来,真的受不了 !

There is a fairy tale world known as Snow Village

At first, I would like to say that the tourist came here is totally a lots! More than you cant imagine for it.

Regarding to the local tour guide mentioned that, during every year of the Chinese New Year, within one day will be 10 thousands of tourists visited.

This is because of the relationship between terrain forms snow, and is it the region with the largest amount of snowfall in China.

The snow is good and the thickness is very high too.

Therefore it can be formed by the natural wind during the snow, and it can be formed with the object too! That’s made the place is so beautiful, snowy night and the color just white as jade.

With the illumination of the red lantern, seems that the white cloudy in the sky are falling on the earth and the illusion is endless.

Those houses are houses owned by local resisdents which really bring you to beautiful! If you have a chance for your life, please visit Northeast China once a time in your life! Is really high recommended travelling place!

However, the weather is really cold, average temperature is -25 degrees till -35 degrees. Before go there, must be well prepare of your warm cloths!

My Pet Diary 宠物日记 #1 (Ah Boy)

When the moment i met him it was 2013 at my home. During that time i kept outstation, so it directly went to my home. Once home, it kept barked at me. I slowly slowly to move near it, let it be felt secure, then slowly to touch it little body, look at it, and play around with it. Then from that moments it won’t barked me anymore! Due it not felt uncomfortable environment, I still remember during night time it still barking. (Since the first day it slept in my room but in the cage) Plus that time it very small, one hand can grab it.Just wanted to brought him for registered as my house pet, so named it as Ah Boy.

我记得我和它的相遇就在2013年,我的家。 因为那个时候的我出了远门。回到家,它一直不停的吠我。之后我开始的慢慢靠近它。先给它个安全感! 慢慢的往它的身体轻摸它,看着它,和它玩。 这样它就开始的不吠我了。因为那个时候的它还没有适应我家环境,三更半夜起床因为它一直吠!(它既然第一天到我家睡我房间里,但是在它的笼子里)。而且它非常的小只。根本抓不了和它玩。因为当时也要带它去注册所以就请了它的名字以 Ah Boy.

For all pet’s owner, when the time you are ready to adopt it, it also parts of your life. Please take care well, love, care and also take care of it meals and healthy too. Pets sometimes are easy to get sick if they unable to have healthy life. Imagine that someday it also will leaving us. We will feel very upset too. Do you know that
所用有养宠物的主人,既然你决定领养它,它也是你生活中的一分子。请你好好的照顾,爱护,保护它!也注意饮食,它的健康。我看过有很多主人领养狗,都是不照顾它们。为何呢?你们知道如果狗不定时的看兽医,它们有可能会离开我们吗?因为它们已经被一个感染叫”Heartworm” 的吃了它们的心,导致它们生病了。必须马上治疗。

Korean’s Kakao Friends

Hi guys, today Im gonna share about an international store at South Korea name Kakao Friends. When you travelling to South Korea, did you realized that all the oppas’ and onnies’ are using a yellow icon at their phone as their chat room or group chat name Kakao Talk? Well, today im gonna posting of Kakao Friends Store at Seoul. But first of all, do anyone of you know what is Kakao Friends? First Kakao is the South Korea’s internet company that established in 2014. Actually in South Korea, there will be have alots of Kakao Friends Store, this time i went to the store where is nearby my hotel.

大家好!今天我 想和大家分享的是一下一个韩国的国际商业叫Kakao Friends. 请问下大家,当你去韩国旅游的时候,你们有发现到当地的韩国人手机里都用着一个软件叫Kakao Talk聊天。那么今天呢,我在首尔就和大家介绍Kakao Friend 是什么。它是第一个在韩国李德互联网公司于2014年成立的。其实在韩国有很多家Kakao Talk 分行,这一次我去的一家位于在我酒店附近。

Kakao Friends 门口
Store name : Hongdae flagship store
Business hours: daily 10:30 – 22:00
Location: 1-3rd floor,joeun saramdeul bldg., 162, yanghwa-ro, mapo-gu, seoul (donggyo daea bldg., donggyo-dong)
Tel :02-6010-0104

Now let us see about the character of Kakao Talk! 那么我们现在来看看Kakao Talk 的每一位主角吧!
1. Muzi is the radish of disguise. It curious and playful in rabbit clothes.

  1. Con is Muzi’s mysterious companion, also know as little crocodile.
    而長得好像鱷魚的Con,是Kakao friends之中是最神秘的,就連作者也不知道牠是什麼東西!看真一點,原來Muzi是Con的寵物來的…Con還想把桃子變成寵物,所以整天跟著Apeach走呢!

  1. Apeach : A mischievous silly fruits, she is a playful character, and also an adolescent character in her late teens to early twenties.
    Apeach,是由英文字「A Peach」組成,顧名思義,牠真是一個桃子來的。但因為基因變異,牠是一個雌雄同體的桃子。在Kakao friends中,牠是可愛和撒嬌的擔當,但卻同時也十分淘氣!

  1. Jay-G: Jay-G is a mole character who was sent to find a rabbit’s liver as an agent from the underground country. So, he chases after Muzi for his (or her) liver. He apparently renamed himself Jay-G, after looking up to the American hip-hop artist.
    Is it cool? 是不是很酷呢?
    of course i need to take photo with him.. 当然我要和他拍照啊。

  1. Frodo : The posh city dog. He usually wears a red dog collar or a tie. Frodo is officially a couple with Neo, the cat character, and shows affection.
    Frodo 是一隻出生於富有家庭的雜種狗。牠們是Kakao friends中唯一一對公認的情侶。

  1. Neo : The feline fashionista which is a cat character and lover of Frodo.

  1. Tube : The cowardly duck with an angry after ego. If he feels extreme fear or anger, he spits fire out of his mouth and turns into a crazy green duck.

  1. Ryan : A male lion whose complex is his absence of a mane.He is often misunderstood because of his large build and impassive expression, but in fact, he has an unexpected charm with the sensitivity of a young girl! Ryan was originally the successor to the throne on Dung Dung Island in Africa, but he escaped for a life of freedom!He is the reliable advisor among the Kakao Friends. His tail is short because it would be easy for him to get caught if it was longRyan是因为没有鬃毛而感到自卑的雄狮。因为大块头和木讷的表情而经常被误会,其实却像少女一样比任何人都细腻、敏感,是个充满反差魅力的角色!原本是非洲东东岛的王位继承者,因为向往自由的人生而逃离岛上! 目前担任 Kakao Friends 最可靠的指导者。尾巴太长容易被抓到,所以尾巴很短

【世界文化遗产客家土楼】World Cultural Heritage Hakka Building

今天我第一次试用 #steempress 来发帖子,感觉没有我想象中的难,当然也不容易的。先说正式。
Actually this is my first time to use #steempress to make a post, is not hard that i thought, but also is not easy as i thought. By the way, let go into my topic.

Today would like to share abit do you know China have a place name Yong Ding? Yong Ding is located at Southwest of Fujian Province, People’s Replublic of China. Yong Ding are under a district name Long Yan City where there also a most vintage building, and also its still represents the Fujian’s nowadays Hakka’s Building name Tu Lou. Yong Ding also know as a national AAAAA-level scenic attraction place, and also world cultural heritage. In China also name its as “Chinese ancient architecture.”
永定客家土楼  Yong Ding Hakka Tu Lou

From Kota Kinabalu took direct flight to Shenzhen via Air Asia, upon arrival, will took bullet train to Shan Tou, and slowly we can play around at Fujian + Guangdong place. Let me use a map estimate to draw the journey in map. We will going to few cities such as Shenzhen | Shantou | Chaozhou | Meizhou | Dapu | Yongding | Zhang Zhou | Xiamen.

“永定土楼”世界上独一无二的建筑奇葩,被誉为“神话般的山区建筑 – 高北土楼群”。
“Yongding Earth Building” The only unique in the world of wonderful architecture ,and largest tulou area in Fujian, with most of the top buildings.

Tulou King interior design is very huge and special. I ever heard the local guide explained that few years ago, there will be have some space ship went up and wanna capture the building, but they felt weird about this Tulou King design which they never saw it, so they decided to study about this building by arriving to China. In 1986, China’s Post have posted out one set of “Country Staying” Stamp, inside the stamp where value of 1Yuan, is the Tulou King Picture.

外观土楼王王承启楼 The outside view of Tulou King in Hakka is Cheng Qi Lou
外观土楼王王承启楼 The outside view of Tulou King in Hakka is Cheng Qi Lou

第一、二层外墙不开窗,只在内墙开一小窗. The first and second floors of the outer wall do not open windows, only a small window in the inner wall.

如果这个没有记错好像是用粘土来建造的。If im not mistaken, this building are using clay to build this building.

这整楼为3圈一中心, 在外圈有四层,高16.4米,每层大概都有72个房间;第2圈二层,每层大概有设40个房间;第3圈为单层,大概设32个房间,中心为祖堂,全楼共有400个房间,3个大门,2口水井。你们可以想下就是那么多人都是入住在这一栋神奇的土楼吗?
The whole building is three circles and one center. There are four floors in the outer circle and the height is 16.4 meters. There are about 72 rooms in each floor. The second floor and the second floor have about 40 rooms on each floor. The third circle is a single floor. There are 32 rooms, the center is the ancestral hall, the whole building has 400 rooms, 3 gates and 2 wells. Can you think that so many people are staying in this magical earth building?

你们有看到每家户口外面都是吊着红色的灯笼吗?这就是我们华人的传统。Did you see that each of the families door outside will hang up all the red color lantern? This is the Chinese Traditional.

第1层是灶房就是我们所谓说的厨房。The first floor will be kitchen.

Photographer assist to capture nice photo with great background.

站在二层往下看的景. Stand from 2nd floor look down view.. How do you think about it?

第三和第四是房间. The 3rd and 4th floor are rooms of them.

The staircase inside of the buildings. All making by woods.

走了2小时,大家都累了。村子里的阿姨叔叔都非常热情地招待我们。 After 2 hours visiting, our lovely guest are tired. Local’s aunties and uncles are so friendly and great hospitalities to us.

承启楼最多的时候住过80多户人家,800多人。Tu lou King ever stay the most more around 80 families which included with 800 plus people staying together. It so happy to see them can live together with peacefully, safely, and happily.