The Chinese community of Steem has existence for more than one month. And it has been undergoing various optimizations for a period of time in order to allow the steemians of Chinese  easily to access the Steem blockchain.


Recently, I have posted four riding diaries through the site (steempress plugin), and they have received nearly $100 in praise. So,  @cnstm is open to offer free WordPress, allowing you to quickly build a site, sync your articles to steemit via steempress, and get rewards from Steemians, steempress and cnstm.









Free to own a WordPress site

Add @cnstm WeChat :cnsteem”, send your username and email to @cnstm, and soon you will get a free WordPress and enjoy the following features:

1. Full control over your WordPress site, with Steempress supported by default;

2. Full access rights, you can install your favorite templates, the plug-ins you need;

3. The article is posted to steemit through steempress, to obtain income;

4. Without complex servers, VPS, domain names and other operations, quickly get your own site, directly start using wordpress;

5. All for Free;

6. Place Google ads and start making money.


Steempress是@fredrikaa@howo 构建和运营的Wordpress插件,允许Wordpress和STEEM区块链双向集成!Wordpress博客上的内容可自动发布到STEEM区块链,亦可在Wordpress博客上点赞、评论文章。Steempress旨在通过在众多前端展示您的内容,帮助您通过内容获利,且吸引新的用户。

更重要的是Steempress得到了1,000,000 steem power的代理,steempress将对通过其发布的文章点赞,我个人那$100美金的点赞奖励大部分来自steempress的点赞。

About steempress

Steempress is a WordPress plugin and operated by @fredrikaa and @howo, allowing two-way integration of WordPress and STEEM blockchains! The content on the WordPress blog can be automatically published to the STEEM blockchain, and you can also upvote and comment on the WordPress blog. Steempress is designed to help you monetize content and attract new users by presenting their content on many front ends.

More importantly, Steempress got the agent of 1,000,000 steem power, and steempress would like to upvote the articles published through it. My personal $100-dollar rewards are mostly from steempress.




2.设置SteemPress⼯具的一些参数,特别重要的是Steem ID和发帖密钥,并保存修改;



Post articles via steempress

How do you post a content after you have a WordPress and Steem account?

1. Enter the background interface, click “Settings” – “SteemPress” in the menu bar to enter the SteemPress settings;

2. Set some parameters of the SteemPress tool, especially the Steem ID and the posting key, and save the changes;

3. Click on the menu bar “Articles” – “Writing Articles”, follow the instructions to write the text, the article, set it OK, click “Publish”, the release is successful;

Of course, if you feel that there is a site trouble, but you want to use steempress to send a content to steemit, you can apply for an account on, and bind the post key in the background to start sending content through steempress. Still unclear, you can add @cnstm WeChat “cnsteem”, ask him for instructions, and be waiting for you.