Steem白皮书(2018)中文版 |Steem White Paper 2018_CN


Since the birth of the Steem blockchain, the project has some new changes, and Steemit.Inc has also updated the white paper in 2018. Overall, the new white paper has changed very little, but it has been streamlined, and I likes it. Of course,,you need to look at the SMT (Smart Media Token) white paper ,to learn more about the Steem blockchain.

挺奇怪的,Steem 6月就更新了新版白皮书,过去都快半年了,一直没有中文版。那就自己来吧,本来前一久能出来,但最近一直很忙,这两天才抽时间整理出来。当然,整理的很仓促,错误应该有一些,那就大家一起来完善吧!希望这一版白皮书能对cn区的小伙伴有一些帮助。

It’s strange that Steem updated the new white paper past half a year , and there’s no Chinese version. It can only rely on myself, but I am very busy recently, and it took some days to sort out. Of course, the finishing is very hasty, there should be some mistakes, then need everyone improve it together! I hope this version of the white paper can help the partners in the cn area.


The Chinese area has been quiet for a long time. Recently, we have been working hard to activate the cn area. We launched the Steem Chinese community (, and our lifestyle community app based on Steem’s  is also on the line. I like the Steem community very much, and I have learned the mechanism behind it. It is very good, but how to benefit more partners in the Chinese language area is a problem and we need to work hard. Expect Steem to get better and better! I also hope that the partners in the Chinese area will get better and better!


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