I still remember that these three photos were accidentally photographed when I was climbing the mountain in the early morning with my mother. The records in the photos are far more beautiful than those I saw at the time, but I am also very fortunate that I happened to meet the rising sun accidentally,and a bunch of birds happened to fly from the camera when I took a photo. Time has passed for a long time, but the impression left is still so clear.


I gave them a name called “There is a shadow in the sun, and there is no trace in the bird.” I don’t know why today, my mind is showing their “figure”, and when I appreciate them, I think of a poem by Tagore:

“I leave no trace of wings in the air,but I am glad I have had my flight.”



Some people say that this comes from Tagore’s “Stray Birds”, and others say it comes from Tagore’s “Fireflies”. I think it’s important to understand the origin of this poem, but more importantly, it tells us the truth: even if no one appreciates, I still fly in the sky; even if I don’t leave any glory, at least I have worked hard. .