Why do I like to travel?

Sitting and looking at the travel photos before, I suddenly remembered that someone once asked me why I like to travel.For me, there are four main reasons.
1. Staying in one place for a long time, it will limit our thinking and the perception of the world. Travel can make me see different scenery, understand different people’s feelings, and broaden my horizons.
2. It can make my mind become younger and more optimistic, just like the sunflower under the sun. At the same time, it can make me stronger and learn how to get along with myself.
3. I like new things and make new friends. On the way to travel, we can always meet some interesting and storyful souls.
4. Travel is also an important way for me to relieve stress.

Share some photos of my previous trips to you.

Manchuria Matryoshka Square is an iconic tourist attraction in Manchuria. The square reflects the characteristics of the border between China, Russia and Mongolia in Manchuria and the blending of the three countries.

There is the world’s largest doll in the square.

A variety of dolls can give people a big surprise, to meet the different needs of everyone. Some dolls are painted with celebrities or stars, some with important historical events, some with cartoon characters, and so on. I suggest that you have a chance to take a look and you will not be disappointed.

Finally, what I can tell you is that in Manchuria you can still see the Solemn country of the People’s Republic of China. This is the biggest gain of my trip to Manchuria. I will never forget that when I stand next to the country, I am very proud of my heart. All of this is just because I am a Chinese.


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