Golden Xitang Ancient Town

Xitang is level,densely distributed with rivers and has a very quiet natural environment.9 rivers converge in this town,dividing it into 8 sections,but many bridges link this water town together(anciently called as “nine dragon old pearl”and“wind from 8 sides”).Inside the town,there are many well-preserved architectural groups constructed during the Ming and Qing dynasties,which boast a higher artistry and study value,thus being highlighted by the experts at home and abroad studying antique buildings.Through a bird’s-eye view of the whole town,green waves ripple everywhere and every family resides near water. In the morning,water flows beneath bridges,thin mist is like silk,pinkish walls on both banks stand tall and erect and tiled houses are reflected inversely in the water.In the evening,the setting sun shines slantwise,songs come from fishing boats,lamps flicker and the fragrance of wine drifts.The whole old town is like a poem and a picture.In this town,people will feel that they are seemingly in an earthly paradise.It is hard to know that people exist in the picture or picture exists in the heart of people.

In this place of Xitang, the clock seems to have stopped. Everything seems to be the same as when it was first formed. It seems that the style of Jiangnan Water Township has not changed for thousands of years and will never change. It is no wonder that Xitang is called “The ancient town of the millennium living.”
In the impression, the most beautiful water town should be in the morning, the light is blurred, the pink house wall, at this time sparse shadows, the scenery seems to be still on the canvas of the landscape, make people drunk. On his own way, or a small rain such as silk, or gray clouds full of heaven, the water town’s house and bridge, corridor and steps, also diffuse in the light gray tone.
Such a place as Xitang is enough to clean up the hustle and bustle. There are luxury gardens in Zhouzhuang, Tongli, Nanxun and other places not far from it, but there is no one here, perhaps because it was not rich before. As a result, a simple and honest folk style was created. It was like the good brewing here. It was endless. A cup of wine was drunk and intoxicating.
The Xitang River, which divides the town into several parts, seems to inject its source of vitality. The water is very quiet, the rain is light, and the water is floating and sprinkled. The river water becomes a glass that has been finely ground. It is bright but not dazzling, and it looks warm and smooth.
Xitang has this charm, the dark roof, the quiet running water, the deep Alley, the long porch, the lantern swaying in the evening wind, all give me a trick, so that you do not know, it is those people and days that are far away. With the water came, or I mistakenly hit, through the years and the flow of years, into the lives of others, and that life is forever stopped in a thousand years ago that time and space.
Xitang water network staggered, the river vertical and horizontal, Qinglingling river nourishes the Xitang people. The small street is beside the river, and people rely on the water, the green tile white wall, and the Muzha flower window to form a classic picture unique to Jiangnan Water Township.
Tom Cruise’s “Mission Impossible 3” has made this millennium old town even more famous at home and abroad. Tom Cruise has shown his skills on the streets and roofs of Xitang Old Town. After the film was released, it attracted a large number of media around the world. And fans, the town was very busy.
Don’t smell the smoke and rain promenade, all the way covered with the porch of the Red Lantern, extending to the distance, they show me the promenade direction, telling me that there are beautiful scenery in the distance.
In order to protect the wind from the rain and the sun, the Riverside people covered the small stone road in front of the door and supported by a round wooden pillar in the direction of the river. If there is rain, the rain will fall down the inclined roof into the river. Commonly known as “a drowning.” The long gallery winds along the long river bank and becomes a unique landscape of Xitang.
Xitang is different from other ancient towns that have basically been completely commercialized. Here, the scenic spot is also a residential area, so you can get in close contact with the real life of people in Jiangnan Water Township.
The women washed their clothes by the water’s edge, the old men pulled their homes around the colonnade, quiet and peaceful, and even the lovely cat became a peaceful and lazy style on the old street. Walk along the street, such a life, there is always unspeakable kind.
Cats living in Xitang, like this ancient town of the millennium, are so ubiquitous and lazy. It’s probably because it’s so comfortable here that the urban cat’s nervousness disappears and instead it’s about where it’s best to stretch.
Xitang’s buildings are simple and unobtrusive. Standing at the door of any house, they can not see the slightest degree of brilliance. This is probably related to the calm and modest mood and temperament of Xitang people.
Water is the dream of Xitang, the soul of Xitang, and what makes people dream is the bridge of Xitang. The 104 stone bridges silently listened to the thousands of years of flowing water, paddling shallow singing, read the old things on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, bustling precipitation; In the arms of the water, the shadow moves and shakes.
Walking along any alley in Xitang, the happiest thing is that snacks are constantly, whether it is a brown, smoked green beans, or stinky tofu, small chaos, steamed meat, are not to be missed delicious! It’s almost impossible to walk through an alley and it’s already holding up. The most famous of the many snacks in the ancient town is probably this old man’s stinky tofu.
Xitang is actually very small. If you wander, you can do it all in less than two hours. However, it is strongly recommended to stay here for at least one night, because the taste of Xitang at various times is different. At night, in this ancient town that has lived for thousands of years, you may encounter a special romance that belongs to you.

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