I love cycling, and when I can show people my achievements from the ride, that is even better. I will introduce you to two great free apps I use to track my cycling and create beautiful videos of the route.


Strava can track your cycling using the GPS in your phone. It does use the battery quite a bit. I only track my cycling when I have plenty of power in my power bank. The best way I save battery is to put on airplane mode and silent. To enable GPS usage I can’t turn on “Battery Saver” mode. My Strava page is ://www.strava.com/athletes/18330477



After you connect the Strava account to Relive, it can make a video automatically. Using map data and route information from the Strava recording, a beautiful video is made. The Relive app allows you to customize some settings, and a full paid version offers more setting options. You can use your Strava account to log into Relive.cc to set up a new account.

将Strava帐户连接到Relive后,它可以自动制作视频。使用Strava录制的地图数据和路线信息,可以制作精美的视频。 Relive应用程序允许您自定义某些设置,完整付费版本提供更多设置选项。您可以使用Strava帐户登录Relive.cc以设置新帐户。

Here are some examples on our Instagram: