西游记(二):看贵州的苗寨 Journey to the West (2) :Miao Village, Guizhou


Out of the ancient city of Zhenyuan, we did not go to Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, and wanted to go to the mountains to see the undeveloped Miao Village scenery. So I chose to take the 828 County Road to Langde.


After leaving the ancient city of Zhenyuan, the car got into the nest of the mountain. The mountain road was very steep. Some steep slopes were almost 30 degrees. We began to tremble with a mountain bend. There are still many places on the road with a large number of mucks passing through, and some roads are dusty and even white with vegetation on the mountain side. The road was pitted, and we sang “Let’s swing together” along the way, and it took four or five hours to get better.


When I arrived at Langde, I saw Miao Village, which was located on the hillside.

The pile dwelling is a traditional Miao building and is a unique architectural form of southern China. The latter part is built on a hillside with a large inclination. The first half is supported by wooden columns to form a sling foot column, so it is called a “Pile Dwelling”. The pile dwelling is divided into two types: half hanging foot and full hanging foot. There are generally three layers: the upper storement, the middle floor, and the lower layer of debris or livestock.
After the Miao family moved into the mountainous area, in order to leave the land for farming, they also adapted to the natural conditions here. When building the dwelling, they chose the slope of 30-70 degrees and passed the foundation of the traditional dry-column building. On the top, a bucket-type wooden structure stilts were created. This type of structure has the following characteristics: First, the structure is simple and strong, and it is based on columns and rafts, forming a complete space by wearing a bucket. The second is to make full use of local wood and its strength. Due to the use of the structure of the bucket, the small room can be covered with small materials. The third is to save the cultivated land, and adapt to the mountain slopes to build houses, and has a good ventilation and moisture-proof effect, the typical combination of heaven and man.


The house under construction is not built on the hillside.


There is no tourist in this village. It is obvious that the building is new and looks more beautiful. Some small stockades have also passed by on the road. The buildings are relatively old, and the residents still maintain the original dress of the Miao people. However, due to the poor shooting angle and the inability to break in, there was no photo left.


When arriving at Langde Shangzhai, the stockade was being renovated, and there were basically no tourists in the off-season. I found a small shop to fill my stomach and it started to rain outside, so I didn’t go to the Miao Village inside. The Miao culture also has a long history. It is a pity that this self-driving trip only rushed through Miao Village and did not go deep into the local culture. If Liubao are bigger, we must go to Miao Village to deeply understand the Miao culture.


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