The Blocktrades Contest | 穿越时空的村落——官浦垟 Villages crossing time and space – Guanpuyang

This is my entry for the @blocktrades contest.

穿越时空的村落——官浦垟 Villages crossing time and space – Guanpuyang

Thanks @anomadsoul and thanks @blocktrades for the sponsorship.

I was at the end of October of the 18th year, I was invited by @cnstm, joined steemit, and started my first article on steemit on November 5th, 2018. After that, I wrote a travel note almost every day, sharing the beautiful scenery I have seen, and hope to bring you a beautiful mood. At the same time, I joined the novice village @team-cn, learned the various ways of steemit in the novice village, and maintained a good interaction with the members of the novice village community.

Although I have been in Steemit for a short time, I have only 21 days since I started writing. For Steemit, I am still a primary school student. But I have always maintained the enthusiasm for creation, and I always share the good travel notes with everyone and actively participate in community activities. I think this game will also support newcomers like me who have a passion for steemit!

Finally, thank you again!

我是18年10月底,受@cnstm 的邀约,加入的steemit,并于2018年11月5号开始在steemit上创作我的第一篇文章。之后,我几乎每天写一篇游记,把我曾看到过的美景分享给大家,希望带给大家美丽的心情。同时,我加入了新手村@ team-cn,在新手村里学习着steemit的各种玩法,并和新手村社区里的成员们保持着良好的互动。



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