西游记(六):洱海西线游 Journey to the West (6): West side of Erhai


The Erhai turns 120km and there are many small attractions for photography. Our travels in Dali are mainly portraits, haha, I have to show up again~


From the Longkan Ecological Park, we will take a clockwise journey around the Erhai. But many roads are very narrow, so it is more suitable for renting electric tour buses. The electric tour bus costs 200 yuan a day and can take up to 4 people. Many places around Huanhai West Road do not rely on the sea, but you can see some other kind of scenery. The previous travel notes have updated the landscape of the Longkan Ecological Park and will continue to update other scenery along the lake today.

比如大片的稻田。Such as rice fields.


The closest to the Longkan Ecological Park is the green boat. In fact, the name “green boat” is from me because there is no name here. We passed by and felt that the photo was good here. Just the boat floats in a small pond and you have to be careful when getting on and off the boat.


The entrance to the Haixi Water Station was not very easy to find. After entering it, it was found that it was a place where photographs needed to be lined up. Many photography studios come here to take wedding dresses. When we arrived, only one group was filming, and we waited a little. Waiting for the time, we still have to change clothes, just take a wedding photo, haha. After the filming, I compared it with the photos of other photography studios, um, winning!


Everyone is waiting in line to wait for the filming here. We took a few shots and let the seats go. However, the abandoned buildings at the water station are also good, and the landscapes of Dali are also very small and fresh.


The next attraction we visited was a tree lying in the water. There are also a lot of people shooting here, because the location is very conspicuous, so there are more people waiting in line. I found a place to park nearby, and I also took a few photos.


Since it is a tree lying in the water, simply move it into the water, haha.


On the edge of the big tree, there are two thin tables that reach into the water. The angle problem can only be made like this.

路过网上推荐的木栈道小树林,觉得杭州此类风景更赞些,就没有做停留。廊桥处因为有婚纱摄影在排队,天色也已经渐晚,就没有等候,直接前往了喜洲古镇。由于不是旅游旺季,古镇上并不热闹。到达的时候天色已晚,加上天上时不时飘点小雨,很多店铺都已经关闭。我们在镇子停车场附近的街区小逛一圈,拍了几张街拍,就一头扎进了一家扎染店,和店老板聊天去了(店门口提示不让拍摄,我们也就没有留下纪录)。看上一块扎染,打听下来是天价,店主讲需要几个月的功夫才能完成。为了不让这么有灵魂的东西没落在我的手里(jiushi meiqian),我看住(wanjiu)了我的钱包。

Passing through the recommended wood plank groves on the Internet, I feel that such scenery in Hangzhou is more praised and there is no stop. Due to the wedding photography in the corridor, the sky was already late, there was no waiting, and went directly to the ancient town of Xizhou. Because it is not a tourist season, the ancient town is not lively. When it arrived, it was late, and when it was raining from time to time, many shops were closed. We took a small walk around the neighborhood of the town’s parking lot, took a few street shots, and plunged into a tie-dye shop and chatted with the store owner. (The store door prompts not to shoot, we have not left Record). Look at a tie-dye, inquired about the price, the owner said it will take a few months to complete. In order not to let such a soulful thing fall into my hands (that is, no money), I saved my wallet.


The ancient town of Xizhou is a gathering place of the Bai people. The Bai people’s residences here are carved and painted, overlapping and arched.


After a long absence, the rain was big and I had to end the day’s journey ahead of time.Tomorrow I will continue to share the scenery of Dali after the weather.

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