Dapp.review大量收录Steem区块链生态应用 | Dapp.review added a large number of Steem blockchain ecological applications

随着3天前@therealwolf 发布Steem apps,并将其开源在Github上,国内的Dapp.review也开始行动了,一下子新增了20个Steem Dapp。从目前新增Steem Dapp的情况来看,已经位列Dapp.review第六大Dapp生态区块链,相信Steem Dapp专页也不远了。

With 3 days ago @therealwolf released Steem apps and opened it on Github . Dapp.review also started to act, adding 20 Steem Dapps at once. From the current situation of adding Steem Dapp, it has already ranked Dapp.review’s sixth largest Dapp eco blockchain, and believes that the Steem Dapp page is not far away.

Steem apps上列出的部分app

两个月前,我做过一个Steem dApps | 社区 | 工具页面,汇集了几十Steem生态下的项目。从很早开始,很多专业的团队已经在Steem上做出各种好玩的Dapp,Steem是一个与社区一起蓬勃发展的区块链协议。与其他区块链社区不同的是,在Steem社区内,我们每日有成千上万的活跃用户实际在使用这些应用程序。

Two months ago, I sorted out a “Steem dApps | Community | Tools page” that brought together dozens of projects under the Steem ecosystem. From long, long ago, many professional teams have made a variety of fun Dapps on Steem .And Steem is a blockchain agreement that thrives with the community. Unlike other blockchain communities, in the Steem community, we have thousands of active users who use these apps every day.

前两天与一个在EOS上开发的朋友谈到这个的时候,他说EOS Dapp生态名噪一时,月活有3.7万。实际上,Steem上一个Dapp(Steemit)周活跃就有3.7万,还不包括众多的Steem Dapp生态,第二名Steem Monsters 达1.5万,第三、四名分别达到5000以上,12个Steem Dapp周活跃1000+以上,前20 Dapp周活跃合计8.1万,远远超越EOS。当我告诉他这个的时候,他非常惊讶,觉得不可思议。其实,我没有告诉的是,目前社区内只统计了大约20个Dapp,还有众多Dapp没来得及统计。

Two days ago, When I talking about this with a friend who was developing on EOS.He said that EOS Dapp is famous for a while, with a monthly active users of 37,000. In fact, Steem’s Dapp (Steemit) week active users is 37,000 , not including the many Steem Dapp ecosystems, the second Steem Monsters reaches 15,000, the third and fourth respectively reach 5000 or more, and 12 Dapp  in Steem Weeks Active reached 1000+ or more, the top 20 Dapp week is a total of 81,000 active, far exceeding EOS. When I told him this, he was very surprised and felt incredible. In fact, what I did not tell is that there are only about 20 Dapps counted in the Steem apps, and there are still many Dapps that have not had time to count.


Yes, Ned has been missing for 12 days. Community members want him to be fine. Everyone is worried about him and has some concerns about Steem.


In fact, what I want to say is that there is no need to worry. Thanks to Ned and BM for building the Steem blockchain for everyone. For the future development of the community, it is the power of the community to push the community to a farther distance. I always think that Steem’s core driving force is the same as BTC, but it is oriented to different industries. It is the most attractive place in the blockchain, and it is also the driving force behind the blockchain. I talked to my friends before, a real blockchain project, in fact, it will not die, if its mechanism is great, it will become more and more prosperous.


Steem is such a blockchain protocol.


So, what are you waiting for, work hard, and start early. In fact, we are already on the road very early, I hope you can join the Steem family together.

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