Cnstm Daily #50 | Cnstm日报 第50期

不知觉cnstm已经走过了50个日日夜夜,这一路多倚仗Steem cn区各代理人的支持,cnstm也在稳步成长。巧的是cnstm代理人数量今天也一举达到50人,难道是老天的安排,有意思!


Cnstm has gone through 50 days !Thanks for the support of the agents in Steem cn, because of you cnstm can grow. Coincidentally, the agent of cnstm also reached 50 people today. Is it the arrangement of God, interesting!

Yesterday and this morning, @team-cn @minloulou  @honoru @kelvinzhang  @julian2013  invite @pgshow  @abcallen  @cherryzz @annepink  @bboyady @ryenneleow @halleyleow agent to cnstm, and @honoru has increased the agent of 500SP for cnstm, thanks for your support and trust!


Cnstm is a community fund jointly established by members of the STEEM Chinese community. Cnstm is committed to promoting the development of Steem blockchain protocols, the innovation of decentralized applications (Dapps) and the construction of related ecosystems (especially the cn zone). This is our aim and we hope that more friends will come together to advance.

cnstm头条计划 | cnstm Headline plan「2018-12-26」


In order to support the creative enthusiasm of the cn area, we decided to launch the cnstm headline plan. For the good article found in the community, cnstm will upvote a certain percentage. At the same time, the article maybe also  can appear in the , getting more exposure. If you want to be discovered by us as soon as possible, please add the “cnstm” label or “@cnstm” in the comment area of the post. The following is the recommendation of today’s article.


@honoru proposed to select 2~3 authors every two weeks, cnstm upvote for their novels, essays or writings every day, and upvote them for two weeks, then it start trials! The first issue recommended @yune88, @yune88 has always insisted on writing on, the novel has been updated to the 49th, hope everyone like him.

@xiaoshancun  |  微小说:网友

@liubao  |  西游记(17):神圣纯净的理塘|西游记(17):神圣纯净的理塘

@bxt  |  云南民族村之少数民族拉祜族

@hll   |  诗和远方

@ericet  |  100SP就到达海豚

@cheva  |  cn-stem 超大质量黑洞是如何产生的

@c-next  |  神秘中國之峨眉,硅基生命篇

@weisheng167388  |  我为什么从图书馆借了这几本书

@sunai  |  供僧

【特别推荐】yune88  |  我是老虎(长篇连载)(049 19 池子多了,什么尿都有(1/3

Cnstm现有代理成员50位,合计SP总数24556.556,点赞价值0.56美金  |  Cnstm has 43 agents, and the total number of SP is 24556.556 The value of the upvote is 0.56 USD.


Cnstm is owned by the agent members and shared by all members. The token issuance of cnstm use the BTC POW to prove your contribution to the fund. Currently, 381,600 tokens have been issued, and the total number of tokens is expected to be 21 million. Cnstm supports the Steem Chinese community project and community. In the near future, we will fully support the community incubation project Wherein, and all members of the subsequent Cnstm will also share some of the benefits of Wherein.

Cnstm希望cn区各项目和社区能得到很好的发展,亦将支持cn区优质项目,目前已对@cn-curation @team-cn @cn-activity进行支持,后续会支持更多社区和项目。

Cnstm hopes that the projects and communities in the cn area will be well developed and will support the quality projects in the cn area. Currently, support has been provided for @cn-curation @team-cn @cn-activity, and more communities and projects will be supported in the future.

Cnstm令牌待发放列表 | Cnstm token issuance list

Cnstm代理人列表 | Cnstm agent list


At present, in addition to sharing all the shares of Cnstm, the agent members will also receive Cnstm daily dividends (up to 9% annual interest rate) and 10 times the praise, everyone come to support Cnstm!



100SP | 代理

500SP | 代理

1000SP | 代理

2000SP | 代理

5000SP | 代理

特别感谢@shenchensucc @nineteensixteen @wspace @likuang007 @ericet @honoru @htliao @bobdos @deanliu @yellowbird @kelvinzhang @itchyfeetdonica @robin.han @angelina6688 @starrouge @morningshine @chev @cryptoast @bxt @alvin0617 @davidke20 @hmayak @elizacheng @vinnieleow @casperleow @liuzg @cn-malaysia @also.einstein @zsc1251 @slientstorm @julian2013 @annabellenoelle @andrewnoel @minloulou @softmetal @liubao @sunai @bsfmalaysia @sasaadrian @tydebbie @pgshow @abcallen @cherryzz @annepink @bboyady  @ryenneleow @halleyleow @iguazi123 的支持!

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