Can you Give A Little | 你可以给一点吗

It has been 9 months now since we’ve hopped on our bikes and we are very proud of what has been achieved. By sharing our journey through various blogging platforms we have reached almost 600+ followers.


@pedallingcontinents is our 5 months old Instagram account

Our main goal of the trip was to cycle to Europe, find work and start a new chapter of our lives there. Both of us have saved up money for this big dream for four years. However, recently we had a major setback.


The Situation 情况

Two factors have contributed to us asking for help, financially.

  1. Our travel money ($1000 US) for Iran and Turkey was stolen,
  2. Our Iran visa expires on the 27th of January and we cannot continue to Turkey during the winter months.

It would be very challenging to head north during January or February. Our only choice is to exit south of Iran, stay in Dubai (visa free for NZ) for a while and return back to Iran in March.


  • 我们为伊朗和土耳其旅行的钱(1000美元)被盗,
  • 我们的伊朗签证将于1月27日到期,我们不能在冬季继续前往土耳其。


The Plan 打算

We like to fundraise for the cost of the second Iran visa which is €120 per person. That’s the price for our New Zealand passports, by far our most expensive 😔. After Iran, every other countries we visit will be visa-free.

The Give A Little page we have set up aims for $450 NZ dollars. This comprises of

  • 2 × €120 per visa
  • invitation letter fees
  • Give A Little 5% fee


我们设立的Give A Little页面的目标是450新西兰元。这包括

  • 每张签证2×120欧元
  • 邀请函费
  • Give a Little 5%的手续费

The Options 选项

The New Zealand bank accounts we have at home are still working, so if you are able transfer directly, that would help us avoid the 5% fee. For security reasons, we can give our account numbers privately.

We appreciate any donation through:

  1. Direct transfer from NZ account
  2. Donation via Give A Little (
  3. Steem (cryptocurrency) @pushpedal



  • 从新西兰账户直接转账
  • 通过Give A Little捐赠(
  • Steem(加密货币)@pushpedal

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who has followed us in 2018.

Massive thanks to:

  • Debra and Terril (Matt’s parents) for the financial support
  • Clarita and Marcos for all the help back home
  • Clarita for designing the Report Cards and other blogging graphics
  • Wiremu and Michael for the technical assistance
  • The Steem community

We hope for a better 2019 and may our travel inspire you to hop on a bike and get pushing!



  • Debra and Terril(Matt的父母)获得财政支持
  • Clarita and Marcos 家的所有帮助
  • Clarita用于设计报告卡和其他博客图形
  • Wiremu and Michael为技术协助
  • Steem社区


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