Iran’s Quirky Side | 伊朗的古怪的一面

Every country has it’s unique culture. Maybe some things are closely aligned to your own, and some things you may consider to be quirky. Here are some quirky things we’ve encountered during our time in Iran.


Fruit Bowl: Would you like some fruit? Please take one… especially the green one! We’ve seen this many times in Iran households that it’s certainly a common thing to include cucumbers to the fruit bowl.


Cereal: Forget Special K or L, you must try Special M. No copyright law here mean you can find copycats like Mash Donald or Pizza Hat (for more see this BuzzFeed article)

谷物:忘记 Special K或L,你必须尝试 Special M.这里没有版权法意味着你可以找到像Mash Donald或Pizza Hat这样的模仿者(更多请参阅这篇BuzzFeed文章)

Pumpkin: They had a pumpkin festival in Rasht for October/November, however it’s not related to Halloween at all. There were some weird looking pumpkins that it could well have been a Halloween display!

南瓜:10月/ 11月他们在拉什特举办了一个南瓜节,但它与万圣节根本无关。有一些奇怪的南瓜,很可能是一个万圣节展示!

Best Before: The dates don’t seem right. That’s because in Iran the year is 1397. Also they print the recommended retail price on the product (35,000 Rial).


Indian Snack: Looks like pasta but very colourful! These are meant to be deep fried, then puff up into crispy chips, similar to East Asia’s fried prawn crackers.


Shampoo: Does your hair smell and you’re afraid of vampires? Why not try this 2-in-1 shampoo? Our Russian ex-flatmate would absolutely recommend anything garlic.

洗发水:你的头发有异味,你害怕吸血鬼吗?试试这款二合一洗发水吧。 我们的俄罗斯前同居绝对会推荐任何大蒜。

Honestly, we really like Iran. It’s just when we see these quirky things we have to photograph it to have a good laugh later on.

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