Our Division Last Night Gathering Dinner

Last night, I went to our division gathering dinner. All of the workers in our division, included me had already agreed before that we would eat the dinner in a restaurant, which is owned by one of our worker’s sister. The restaurant name is Sate Pejompongan. The name of the restaurant was taken because it is located in Pejompongan area, South Jakarta.

The workers that would eat there were all of the workers in our division. Which were located in two different office, some were in Melawai street, South Jakarta and some were in H.O.S Cokroaminoto,  Central Jakarta.

Me and my friends, from Melawai, were divided into 2 cars. The first car with 5 persons inside and the second car with 3 persons. We went there around 6 pm.

I was in the second car and I had never been to the restaurant before, but i thought 2 friends who were with me might know the place. It was a bit traffic to go there because it had rained.

When we were near the area, we couldn’t find the location of the restaurant. We were lost, in a dark area. The worker who drove the car and me, both of us tried to use the phone’s navigation. But mine couldn’t work well, luckily his phone’s signal worked well. Two of our friends who also we contacted also worried and tried some way to help us, shared their location because one of them already arrived (they were in the first car).
Fortunately we were just had gone to far from the actual location. At night, many food tenants open on the side of the street and it made the restaurant, which we would want to go, closed by these tenant. After 1,5 hours of journey, finally we arrived.

The restaurant was homy, comfy. A small house with some of the chairs and tables outside (outdoor) and the room inside was also not big but clean and had a capacity for all of us, all of us around more than 20 persons.

I was starving but i had to wait for the food around 30-45 minutes. It was quite difficult for me to stand because i hold a strict rule for my eating time, that makes me always eat my meals ontime.

The restaurant hanged some menu on it’s wall.

The food menu that i ordered was chicken satay with rice.

Some of my friends also tried different menus, the specialities there were lamb satay, lamb gulai and also lamb soup. On our picture together, there were still some food all over the table.

Our super busy division head also could join us yesterday. He went to the restaurant himself and also almost got lost like what just happened to us.

We took some picture there.

Wefie together, said cheese!

We could gather together and did the chit chat there. But not a long time one of my friend who was unwell left the restaurant. The rest were still there. But some also went home not too long from the 1st one.

Most of us also took away some menus from the restaurant, i took away the fried rice and fried tofu.

And then, before we were finally over our dinner at 9 pm, we also took a picture at the front of the restaurant.

It was a good night we spent together!

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