Essential tools for steem from small fish to big whales – leaderboard

Essential tools for steem from small fish to big whales – leaderboard

Newcomers enter steem, everything is so novel. The whole world of steem is vast and vast. The newcomer is like a little deer who crashed into a tall building. He is ignorant.He doesn’t know how to get started. Facing the unknown world, we can follow the footsteps of our predecessors and move forward slowly! The first tool recommended is the leaderboard, find the objects you learn through the leaderboard, study how they grow up in steem, what they are doing and how to do it. Imagine the path of their growth and find your own way!



The leaderboard provides 12 categories of ranking index, including Reputation, Posts, Comments, Replies, Upvotes, Payouts, Steem power,Followers, Following, Resteem, Resteemed.Click on any of the keywords in the header to arrange them in a new way (currently there is no reverse order, it is recommended to increase the reverse order or increase the bottom button to reach the last @steemitboard).

(Figure 1)

Figure 1 is ranked by Reputation, first place @haejin, reputation 83.97. Oh, my god, maybe it’s hard to get along for a lifetime. I want to see how the big whale grows up. Click on his name to go directly to his blog. You can follow him and visit his home at will…

(Figure 2)

Figure 2 is ranked according to the number of posts. Currently ranked first in @jlkreiss, 30,816 posts have been published, and 7211 more than the second-place @cryptomonitor. Oh, my god, how did he do it, but his reputation is negative (-8.3). I went to his blog and lapped it. The latest update was three months ago. It seems that he gave up the account.

He moved WordPress’s feed to articles directly and then praised himself. Replied to his message and praised himself. Dozens of posts per hour for three months, so he got  30,000+ posts soon!

For those friends who want to develop in Steem for a long time, it is necessary to be cautious in issuing posts. This friend can also be a bad guide to us.

(Figure 3)

Figure 3 is ranked according to the total amount of SP, the No.1 no suspense is @steemit, with SP34898168, an amazing number. Studying each person’s SP also has a special purpose, which will be introduced in future articles. But remind everyone to see such a large fortune, don’t be jealous. After you follow me, your SP will be accumulated more.

2.arcange – post list

@arcange provides 2 categories and 1 steem statistic daily. The 2 category is the best-performing list of posts from the previous day, with a total score and a newcomer list (reputation below 50, and posts have never been on the arcange list), each ranking includes 3 points list.

Leaderboard 1.Тоp 10 posts by number of upvotes

(Figure 4)

Leaderboard 2.Top 10 posts by number of comments

(Figure 5)

Leaderboard 3.Top 10 posts by pending payout

(Figure 6)

You can learn the master’s writing style through various posts on the list, and you will see your post on this leaderboard one day.

Recommending a post of a new traveler which is also recommended by the list. The bloggers describe the entire tour record in considerable detail, and the details are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Https://

(And this list is only based on data, as long as you meet the conditions on the list, regardless of the quality of your post.I have put a bad post on the list. As a newcomer, I am also trying various functions. I believe that your steem wallet will receive a lot of 0.0001 steem. I transferred 1 steem to one of the accounts and provided a link of my post in the memo. The result is tragedy, this article was upvoted 500+, and unfortunately It was included in @arcange, which means that I can no longer be on the list of newcomers…)Https://

3.steeminsights – looking for someone in the same city


The website currently offers two major lists: account list and App list. For detailed usage, please refer to the publisher @dmitrydao Https://

(Figure 7)

I recommend it to everyone here for a purpose, to find a master to learn.The two lists mentioned above can help you find a master, but only online. Sometimes, there are many issues that require face-to-face communication, and steeminsights provides a great way to find someone at the same city.

Click “Accounts” to enter the page, enter your city or any place in “Location”, then click “Apply” to get all the steemit users in your desired place, you can contact each other, make an appointment in the teahouse, discuss steem experience and a variety of life experiences. It is a pity that I am alone at the city of Changsha in China! I hope that you will contact me if you want to know about Changsha, thank you.If you are willing to let others find you in this way, then you can make the following settings on the steemit, add your “location” information and “update”.Others can find you through the location.

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