Essential tools for steem from small fish to big whales – APP leaderboard

Last week,I post Essential tools for steem from small fish to big whales – leaderboard

I introduced three kinds of leaderboard:



2.arcange – post list


3.steeminsights – looking for someone in the same city


These three lists make it easy for you to find the best in a certain type of account, such as the highest reputation, the most SP, the most upvotes of the article, and the big whale in the same city. Please read the article for specific usage.

If you have a strong interest in an account or a big one, you can use the details of his account: The specific method of use will be introduced in the future.

Essential tools for steem from small fish to big whales – APP leaderboard

Every steemian comes from a different field, each of them is different from others, so everyone’s project or application of attention to steem is not the same. How to find your favorite projects in the steem application that blooms everywhere, and find your own friends who are like-minded on steem; how to find potential APP in new applications that pop up like a mushroom, so as to get ahead in new applications. how to make a discerning eye in the described investment projects, so that your limited SP will become a golden hen….To choose a good project, first you have a project option, the following I will recommend three APP leaderboards.



(Figure 1)

As shown in Figure 1, the list provides application data rankings in three time frames, 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days. Short-term rankings are suitable for applications that are just online, and long-term rankings are suitable for relatively stable applications.As shown in Figure 1, the list provides five sorting methods in different timeframes, such as active user rankings. The specific meanings of each indicator are as follows:


DAU are unique users over a specific timeframe, who are either transferring to the app, creating custom_jsons of the app or creating posts/comments with the app. Important: The real number of users can be much higher with specific apps due to missing data, which we’re not able to fetch.


Transactions are all actions users of an app make, that are recorded on the blockchain and which can be pinned to a specific app (posts, comments, incoming transfers & custom_jsons). Outgoing transfers from users as well as votes are not able to be pinned to a specific app.

Volume steem:

The volume is calculated from incoming transfers of all accounts from the specific app.

Volume SBD:

The volume is calculated from incoming transfers of all accounts from the specific app.

Rewards steem:

Rewards are benefactor- & curation-rewards an app generates.

(Figure 2)

(Figure 3)

As shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3, the list also provides a ranking, and each fish or whale can explore new applications or applications that are acceptable to the public based on their own interests.



This website is also introduced in Essential tools for steem from small fish to big whales – leaderboard . In that post, it was introduced his account leaderboard function, especially recommended to find someone in the same city. This time I recommend his app leaderboard.

(Figure 4)

As shown in Figure 4, selecting “apps” switches from “accounts” to the application leaderboard, and its content and sorting are exactly the same as , except for  time range. The purpose of the website is to bring together the two lists “accounts” and “apps”. At present, there seems to be no unique thing.



This is the official entry of steem applications. There are two ways to enter. One is to click on the link to the above website.

(Figure 5)

(Figure 6)

The second is to enter through the steemit homepage, as shown in Figure 5 and Figure 6. Click on the drop-down box to the right of the steemit home page and there will be a series of guides shown in Figure 6, one of which goes directly to steemprojects.

(Figure 7)

The main function of the website is shown in Figure 7. The functions of data analysis are far less comprehensive than that of steemapps, but there is a function for submitting personal development apps in the upper right corner.

Finally, if you want to find other non-steem blockchain project application leaderboards recommended:


(Figure 8)


(Figure 9)

The specific use will not be repeated, personally feel that all types of blockchain application list DAPP radar is the originator.
I am a newcomer to steem. The tools mentioned may not be the best. You are welcome to give any help to me.thanks.

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