Application for- Partiko Mentorship Program Round 2

Hello, friends in the steem world.

This is my application post for this round 2 mentor programme.

Here is the official post created by @rosatravels

There are more than50 DApps(Decentralized Applications) created on the Steem blockchain in the past year. The ecosystem of Steem is just so huge that more and more new ones are coming on the horizon each month. All of this is working towards the good of Steem. On top of that, many DApps are reaching out to new people via social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, etc. With this, I can foresee an influx of newcomers coming onto Steem in 2019. Never had there been such intense development of DApps than in the past 6 months. More new DApps are coming on board in 2019.

Although in the world of steem, I am also a newcomer. I am willing to share the experience and ideas I have accumulated during my growth. I will gradually write some posts on how to use the steem app to help everyone better and better adapt to the life of the steem world. I have written two articles on how to find people and find applications in the steem world.

Essential tools for steem from small fish to big whales – APP leaderboard

Essential tools for steem from small fish to big whales – leaderboard

Kindly review my application and consider me for this programme. I will try my best to mentor people to use @partiko app if I am given this opportunity.

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