East Javanese Dish near Jakarta

Today I would like to share one of my treasure, which I found from visiting suburb area of ​​Jakarta, Ciledug – Tangerang. Once, I want to tell you first that I had lived in Surabaya which located in East Java before I moved back again to My city, Jakarta – Capital of Indonesia.

While living in Jakarta, I haven’t found the restaurant or food stall or small food restaurant that sell some kind of authentic East Javanese food like rujak cingur, tahu campur, etc that really have the same taste with what sell in Surabaya. It’s changed When I found this small food stall. It is located on the corner of Pondok Lestari, Ciledug – Tangerang.

The place was not big and it was also not comfortable. The food specialities here:

What we ordered were rujak cingur and tahu campur. We asked rujak cingur to be “matangan” which means all of the vegetables were boiled before served.

Rujak cingur is an eastern javanese traditional salad, which contains cingur (material of cow’s mouth, boiled) , the kinds of vegetables and also fruits (cucumbers, tofu, tempeh, kale, beqans and so on). The sauce or paste made from processed shrimp, boiled water, brown sugar, chilli, fried peanuts, onion, salt and slices of green Beans young banana. I also asked a krupuk (indonesian cracker) as the companion, like how it usually served.

Tahu campur in english is “mixed tofu” is an eastern javanese traditional dish, which contains fried tofu, rice cakes, lettuce, a bit yellow noodle, bean sprouts, crackers (krupuk) served in savoury beef stew. The beef stew soup made with Spices and also petis, a shrimp paste.

And the taste of the food here were totally fantastic, because it were really authentic and I could taste the same taste like in Surabaya, East Java. The rujak cingur tasted great, fresh and the paste was really used the good quality of ingredients. So Did the tahu campur, with the petis sauce also it tasted so good.

As a consequence of tasting such a great taste, we also ordered Nasi Rawon.

Nasi Rawon is rawon which served with rice. Rawon is beef black soup. And this is also a traditional authentic food from East Java.

And the taste of nasi rawon was also perfect. The meat were easy to swallow and also authentic soup.
It’s great to know that I could go to eat here whenever I miss the east javanese food.

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