Holiday with much reflection than celebration

Let’s talk about trimming down my body. It’s been a long haul, and I know my problem is always excuses over excuses. The train of consequences all begun from year of 2018 when my last proper diet were in April. I’m still trying my very best to keep myself around 70kg, but after my Bali trip, things start to set loose and gotten worse after Busan trip. Added with many more Penang trips and durian season got extended, more meetups that set placed in jaw dropping good food restaurant, my diet program went from 70kg all the way until now hitting 80kg.

Marvelous BBQ and Roast pork rice

Here’s today’s lunch, seriously taste good. I know I know, diet. I’ll get on to that later(yet another excuse). Those who have a little health conscious fellas, why not try this? Those pork are on the lean side, despite mostly lean meat but the way they roast it really made it tender. And, for the price of RM8.90, in a shopping mall, considerably affordable in my opinion. Situated at 1 Mont Kiara Lower Ground.

Aidil Fitri holiday silent and holy

So, it’s the second day of Eid Mubarak holiday where the Muslims celebrate and remembering the poor and in need after fasting month. This year, things has been a little silent. According to neighbors, this time no money to buy fire cracker. Open house, keep it small and within family to avoid extra expanses.

Me after put on 10kg

This shit is getting worse by the day. I start to believe my excuses are real, like most of the time. I start to believe I’m too busy for workout. I start to believe I have little choice of food. I start to believe cheap food are good for health. I start to believe those “looks” healthy food are actually healthy. And worst, I start to love to drink juice. I need to seriously considering to get back to Herbalife diet? I mean come on, I got myself out from there 2 years ago, am I going to rely on those multi level marketing company cheapo products to get slim? I don’t deny the lifestyle they promote at all, but there are many slim, healthy and good looking people that does not take MLM product that has been overly marked up.

I really do not wish to go back to that path. 1st week of June gone. I have 3 weeks to go. I need to restructure my life and get on with serious workout and diet program. If I fail it, I will fail all. First, let me try to sleep early tonight.

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