🍀🌿🍃土土的田园生活🍀 🌿 🍃A rural life in the country

大假期最适合出游的地方就是无人问津的大田园,土土的生活轻松快乐啊 ~~


有时高强度的工作压力浮躁,需要远离城市喧嚣 … 我们需要一片绿意,需要乡土之气环抱💆 脚踏土地👣 才能让人心安放松一下呀…

公司曹姐老家在南昌黄马乡虎岭,周末一同约上我们前往小叙一番… 如今虎岭也是貌换新颜,鱼跃蛙鸣依旧…

咱们一起带着家人回到乡村,接近大自然 …在田野中撒欢 … 放肆地笑 ~ 在一亩田园种下最丰盛甜美的片刻舒适生活!聚山庄… 垂钩采摘茶聊与赏青 …  胜似远游自在逍遥啊

这里的空气中有着湿润的气息,深呼吸中,神清气爽😊 美丽 …生态 …和谐 …幸福的新黄马正在眼前 ~🤗


吃完饭还可以去周边散步,远处的乡村小路,远处的层层山丘,与孩纸们一起拍照嬉戏,一起去寻找自己心中最美的那道风景🏞 并鼓励孩纸用自己的视觉与语言描绘出来 ~无一不诠释着一种宁静祥和,让人感觉这样的生活最有阳光的味道😋

平时忙着对手机、电脑,不知错过了多少次这样的美景!😅 生态旅居的特色黄马乡,诗意田园引人醉啊 …

Big holiday is the most suitable place to travel is no one asked about the big rural, the life of the soil easy and happy ah ~ ~

Living in the city for a long time, we walk in the traffic, shuttling between steel and concrete, life is a little boring and monotonous

Sometimes high-intensity work pressure impetuous, need to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city… We need a piece of green, need local qi surrounded 💆 pedal land 👣 can let a person’s mind to relax ah…

Company cao sister hometown in nanchang huangma township tiger ridge, we went to a small chat together on the weekend… Now tiger ridge is also a new look, yuyue frog still…

Let’s take our families back to the countryside and get close to nature… In the fields… Presumptuous smile ~ in an acre of rural planting the most abundant sweet moment of comfortable life! Gather the heights… Hanging hook to pick tea and enjoy the green… It’s better to travel far and wide

Here has a humid air, take a deep breath, feeling refreshed 😊 beautiful… The ecological… Harmonious… Happy ~ 🤗 new yellow horse is eyes

Each points every second here completely belongs to us, together with family, friends, pick fruits and vegetables, hard picking back, sit down with friends for lunch, eating your own work achievement, a meal a height are particularly sweet 😜

Can also go to for a walk after the meal, the distant country roads, layer upon layer the hills in the distance, play with children together take pictures, go to find the most beautiful in my heart that scenery 🏞 and encourage children to use own visual language portray ~ all in a serene, let a person feel the taste of this life the most sunlight 😋

Usually busy on the phone, computer, I do not know how many times to miss such a beautiful scenery! 😅 ecological living characteristic yellow horse township, pastoral poetry is drunk

Love what I love,

Do what I like to do,

Listen to the heart

Feel it with love.

I will never ask for more, whatever that comes, let it be. From the moment you interact with me, our friendly relationship begun. Welcome to my world and looking forward to share more of my stories with you. 😚😘








希望咱们的缘分从这开始…欢迎很好的你一起分享一起交流喔~😚 😘

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