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Symbol Token Name Market Cap Price % Chg 24h Vol Supply Issuer Website
SPORTS Sports Talk Social $209,019,726,450 $2.09 -28.57% $108.08 100,000,000,000

Description of SPORTS: are the new home for all conversations related to the sporting world.  Regardless of your favorite pastime you’ll be welcomed here to discuss all of your favorite sports moments!To curate the content shown on they have created a Smart Contract Organizational Token (SCOT) called SPORTS

How to got free tokens:

SPORTS tokens will be rewarded to posts within the #sportstalk tag in a similar fashion to way Steem works. The biggest difference is that rewards and influence on will be built around the SPORTS token.

If you want get free SPORTS,just post all kinds of articles about sports and use tag #sportstalk.There are many steemians got lots of free SPORTS tokens.




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