Tour Cycling’s Paradise | 游览自行车的天堂

In Turkey there are strong communities promoting the use of bicycles. Some cities have a cycling association where cyclists are welcomed stay and rest. We had the opportunity to stay at the ones in Sakarya and Lüleburgas.

在土耳其,有强大的社区推广使用自行车。 一些城市有一个自行车协会,欢迎骑自行车的人休息和休息。 我们有机会留在萨卡里亚和吕勒布加斯的那些人。

Sarkarya Cycling Association

From WarmShowers we requested to stay with Mert. He was the manager of the cycling association, taking care of the cycling house and organising activities. Everything was run by volunteers and funded by the members. The house had a room set up to accommodate two guests. There were basic arrangements but we appreciated having a roof over our heads.

来自WarmShowers,我们要求留在Mert。 他是自行车协会的经理。 一切都由志愿者管理,并由成员资助。 这所房子有一个房间,可容纳两位客人。 有基本的安排,但我们赞赏我们的头顶。

Ring a Ding

On a Sunday evening the cycling community came together for a ride to the city centre. We had about 30+ cyclists of all ages attend. We started quite late but everyone had lights and reflectors. We arrived in the centre where they had a pedestrian only street with the night market. It was busy and packed, so we passed through slowly ringing our bells to get everyone’s attention. The purpose was to promote cycling to the community and we certainly got the attention from everyone.


我去过市中心。 我们有大约30多名所有年龄段的自行车手参加。 我们开始很晚,但每个人都有灯光和反射器。 抵达市中心,那里是夜市的街道。 它很忙,所以我们敲响了钟声,引起了所有人的注意。 这是一个很大的问题。

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Tea & Chat

Afterward we stopped at a park and Mert gave a speech. We learned there was a tragic incident recently involving cyclists, unfortunately they died. As tribute they lit up two lanterns wishing for no more such tragedies. Afterward we had tea and chatted with each other. It was a nice way to end the evening ride.


之后我们在一个公园停了下来,Mert发表了讲话。 我们了解到骑自行车者发生了悲惨事件,不幸的是他们死了。 作为对他们的致敬,他们失去了两个不再希望不再发生此类悲剧的灯笼。 之后我们喝茶,互相聊天。 这是结束晚上骑行的好方法。

Lüleburgas Bicycle Academy

We first heard about the academy in the tour cycling WhatApps group. It was in Lüleburgas and could accommodate up to 8 travellers at a time. The profile page in WarmShowers didn’t have photos so we didn’t know what to expect. When we arrived we saw something exceptional and “world first”.

我们第一次听说巡回骑自行车WhatApps小组的学院。 它位于Lüleburgas,一次最多可容纳8位旅客。 我们期待这么多。 当我们到达时,我们看到了一些特殊的和“世界第一”。

Rent & Ride

The academy was designed to provide a safe place for cyclists to train, ride and socialise. Originally in the design there were two looping tracks: one for bicycles and another for motorcycles. The bigger cycling track had two hills and bumpy parts for extra adrenaline, but unfortunately the motorcycle track was closed due to safety concerns.


这是骑自行车者训练,骑车和社交的场所。 自行车有两个循环轨道,摩托车有两个。 但不幸的是,这很不幸。

The children were loving the place. This academy was located next to schools and apartments so it was convenient to access. Bikes can be rented for free as long as it’s used in the academy.孩子们喜欢这个地方。 学院离公寓和学校不远,访问很方便。 自行车可以在学院使用。

Eat & Sleep

Luckily for us the academy provided a place to sleep too! The building we stayed in had “box beds”, kitchen and bathroom. There was security at the complex the entire time so our belongings were safe. Our room even had air conditioning so we slept very comfortably.


幸运的是,我们学院提供了一个睡觉的地方! 我们住的大楼有“箱床”,厨房和浴室。 这些物品很安全。 我们的房间甚至有空调,所以我们睡得很舒服。

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We absolutely loved this place. Our host Inanc gave us a great time during our stay. We hope that he will be promoted from volunteer to a paid position to keep this place running for future cyclists.

Lüleburgas Bisiklet Akademy (LYMBA)

GPS: 41.393387, 27.348977

WarmShowers Page:

We must also thank the municipality of Lüleburgas for investing in the cycling facilities. They dedicated the year of 2017 to promote anything about cycling. It is promising to see a city invest and value alternative and green mode of transport.

E-bike taxi service in downtown Lüleburgas


我们非常喜欢这个地方。 我们的主人Inanc在我们逗留期间给了我们很愉快的时光。 我们希望他能够为未来的自行车运动员保持这个位置。

Lüleburgas Bisiklet Akademy(LYMBA)
GPS 位置:41.393387,27.348977

我们还要感谢您投资自行车设施。 他们想学习骑自行车。 这是一种交通方式。

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