Home sweet home keychain – easy handmade/handcraft how to

Hello friends, today i would like to share how i made this cute keychain.
First, preparing the materials and the equipments.
For the cross stitch you will need
– white cross stitch fabric
– embroidery hoop
– embroidery needle
– embroidery threads (red, blue, peach, black, pink, yellow, light green color)

For the handsewing you will need
– natural color fabrics
– sewing threads (red and white)
– sewing needle
– cotton balls
– red ribbon
– a key ring
and you also will need scissors.

How to make it,
First stitch with the back stitch with one strand black embroidery thread for the borderline the house.

Then cross stitch with double threads of the light green to make the bushes here and also yellow for some flowers here.

Then do the french knot with red double threads for the roses here.

I show you how to do that here


And then blue for the door, windows and also the roof lining.

Cross stitch with double red threads for the roof.

Then peach for the bridges.

Use a single black thread to back stitch the shapes here, also back stitch your house number or your favorite number. Here it is.

Then the second part is the back.

I made the outline with single black thread first.

Then cross stitch with double blue threads for the door, window and the roof lining.

Then light green and yellow for the bushes anf flowers down the window. Do the same french knot with the red threads to make the roses here.

Then cross stitch some bridges with double peach threads.

Yellow for the upper window and also light green below the left upper window.

Then with a black single thread, back stitch the whole shapes of the objects inside the house.

Last touch, cross stitch with double blue threads for the roof.

Cut out the houses (front and back) from the cross stitch fabric.

Then cut out also the natural fabrics with the same size with the cross stitch fabrics.

Sew them all together from the back with red threads. This has the helper function. Remember not to sew the top of the roof.

Sew once more with white thread, then release the red sewing. Also don’t sew the top of the roof.

Now reverse it, and put some cotton balls in then the last part is sewing a red ribbon on the top then put it in a keyring.

Then it is finished, you could use it as a keychain for your house’s door or maybe a gift for a friend who just moved to a new house.

Front side

Back side




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