Cycling through… Iraq Kurdistan ※ 骑自行车穿越…伊拉克库尔德斯坦

This country was recommended by our New Zealand consulate to avoid at all cost. However, after speaking to many travelers that have passed through, they all said reassuring and positive things. Our time here has been eye-opening indeed, we’ve learned so much about the people, culture and the complicated political situation. This video brings you along our journey in Iraq Kurdistan.

我们的新西兰领事馆建议这个国家不惜一切代价避免。 然而,在与许多已经过去的旅行者交谈之后,他们都说了安慰和积极的事情。 我们在这里的时间确实令人大开眼界,我们对人民,文化和复杂的政治局势学到了很多东西。 这段视频带您了解我们在伊拉克库尔德斯坦的旅程。

Locations: Iraq – Sulaymaniyah, Erbil, Dohuk.
地点:伊拉克 – 苏莱曼尼亚,埃尔比勒,杜胡克。

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Brief Descriptions of the Clips

  1. Have some snow! Our first few days in Kurdistan was wet and frosty. We ended up taking transport to the city from the border town. Our host took us to the nearby mountains which was covered in snow. We have some fun throwing snow at each other.
  2. Canton was an adopted street dog travelling with Alice. She went missing and we searched all afternoon for her. Thankfully she returned to a cafe we hangout together the day before.
  3. Picnic parties everyday. It was nice sharing food and hanging out with our third cyclist Alice.
  4. Kurdistan was green and lush. The landscape was much healthier looking than back in Iran. We were so happy to see green instead of desert. It was saddening cycling through drought.
  5. Erbil was a big city. Once we entered the city boundary, the road widened to multiple lanes and we’d never thought to see a sign saying Baghdad before. So close to war.

  1. 有一些雪! 我们在库尔德斯坦的头几天是湿的和冷淡的。 我们最终从边境小镇开往城市。 我们的主人带我们到附近被雪覆盖的山上。 我们有一些乐趣互相投掷雪。
  2. 广州是与爱丽丝一起旅行的收养街头狗。 她失踪了,我们整个下午都在寻找她。 谢天谢地,她回到了我们前一天聚会的咖啡馆。
  3. 每天野餐派对。 与我们的第三个自行车爱丽丝分享食物和闲逛是很好的。
  4. 库尔德斯坦绿意盎然。 景观看起来比在伊朗看起来更健康。 我们很高兴看到绿色而不是沙漠。 在干旱中骑自行车感到很难过。
  5. 埃尔比勒是一个大城市。 一旦我们进入城市边界,道路扩大到多个车道,我们从未想过要看到巴格达之前的标志。 如此贴近战争

  1. On our way to meet our host it rained cats and dogs. The road flooded a bit so we got wet feet!
  2. Upon leaving Erbil, we passed a refugee camp. It was 40 km north and very big. It felt sad and interesting seeing our the way of life for refugees.
  3. We always get asked where we are from. This was a little joke about that.
  4. We had some fresh chips for dinner at a river camp spot. It was very popular amongst the local for picnic and a family kindly gave us all their food and tea before they returned home.
  5. It is very often we get invited for tea, but to be offered a lunch feast was rare and special. It all started with asking for water, and the kind Kurdish family gave us lunch and even a bed to sleep if we wanted.

  1. 在我们去见主人的路上,下雨的是猫和狗。 道路淹没了一点,所以我们湿了脚!
  2. 离开埃尔比勒后,我们经过一个难民营。 它向北40公里,非常大。 看到我们难民的生活方式,感到悲伤和有趣。
  3. 我们总是被问到来自哪里。 对此有点开玩笑。
  4. 我们在河边露营地吃了一些新鲜的薯条。 它在当地非常受欢迎,野餐和家人在回家之前给了我们所有的食物和茶。
  5. 我们经常被邀请参加茶,但是提供午餐盛宴是罕见而特别的。 这一切都始于要求水,如果我们想要的话,那种库尔德家庭给了我们午餐,甚至还有一张床睡觉。

  1. Near Dohuk our host wanted to show us the private house (one of many) that Saddam Hossein had. Unfortunately the heavy snow stopped us from going further.
  2. Last post had all the delicious food we tried for the first time in Kurdistan. Absolutely recommend it. Check out this written post.

  1. 在杜胡克附近,我们的主人想向我们展示萨达姆·侯赛因所拥有的私人住宅(众多之一)。 不幸的是,大雪阻止了我们走得更远。
  2. 最后的帖子里有我们在库尔德斯坦第一次尝试的所有美味食物。 绝对推荐它

Fin, thanks for watching. 完了,谢谢来看

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