Hunting The Food Promotion (狩猎食物促销): XXL Crispy Chicken for only 10,000 IDR (0.7 USD)!

Last night when we wanted to back home, it was raining. So instead of back home, mom & me decided to go inside the Pacific Place Mall again.

Then i saw there’s a food stall with many customers. It was shihlin.

There was a promotion to bought the XXL chicken, the price was 43,000 IDR with cashback 33,000 IDR. So it became only 10,000 IDR. Fortunately, it had term and condition of using a platform payment, the one i often use recently.

I then queued up there. they had put a small note next to the cashier that the queue up would close until number 87. I paid and luckily i was number 71 so i could still get the XXL chicken.

They hung their menu on the back top to the cashier & serving area.

After waiting for some other orders, the waiter then processed mine.
The process was so clear: fry, seasoning then cut.

The dining area here was tiny with only 3 chairs, 2 long chairs and 2 tables, so i took the order away.

Then here it was

XXL chicken with original flavour
Actually they had a new flavor black pepper and also they had BBQ or seaweed. But i chose the original.

It had crispy skin, soft chicken, with savory and tasty flavour. And it was extra large. And unfortunately i had to finish it alone, mom didn’t like it.

Let’s come here for the ongoing promotion (7-27 October 2019)
LG floor
Pacific Place Mall
South Jakarta
open daily 10am-10pm

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