My experience, Chicken pox is really bad!

Hello, friends! I don’t know whether you have ever had this disease or not, but i really had bad times suffering this chicken pox and
today i would like to share my bad experience in having a sickness. Maybe you read my article that i just a week had my wisdom teeth removal surgery and i haven’t 100 percentage recovered from this. Then this really bad thing happened.

This Monday i started to work again, at night that day i had a fever and my jaw and teeth gum were so thick and also hard to move. So i took some medicine (painkiller, fever medicine and also influenza medicine).

On Tuesday, i felt better in the morning so i went to the office. I ate a cheese cake but the flavor was only bitter, weird. Then bad thing happened, at around 10 am, i went to the toilet cause my stomach was unwell and i got a diarrhea. After i back to work, i was getting so cold so that a co-worker higher the air conditioner temperature. Then i felt a bit hungry so i drank my melon milk. Not a long time, i felt weird, sick and unwell, like want to go to the toilet. But then, in the toilet i just wanted to lay unconscious, i then vomited and diarrhea. Luckily, a co-worker was in the toilet so she knew what was happened to me. She also offered a help and told me not to lock my toilet. After back, my manager gave me a taxi voucher to send me back home to get a rest cause i was unhealthy.

Wednesday morning, i felt even worst. I couldn’t stand up and walk well. It felt that my body was hitten by a thousand persons. My stomach also didn’t feel well. I thought i maybe had an unwell body and i should have more rest so i sent a message to my manager about my health problem and he could understand.

Thursday, i really didn’t know what it was. I didn’t feel better but even worst. I got nausea and vertigo, i had some vomits, bad headache and also there appeared some boils on my head which i thought was an allergic. I needed to go to the hospital but it had been a survival to go to take a shower before i went.

Then in the hospital, cause i was really in a bad condition, the internist sent me to the emergency unit to be given the medicine infusion and also nutrition and also the blood laboratory check up.

The blood result

After got the result not a long time, the internist came and diagnozed my sickness, it was chicken poxx. I never had this disease before even when i was a child. He gave me some medicine, a kind of antivirus i should take 4 times a day, an antibiotik 3 times a day, 3 kind of stomach medicines which i should take 2 or 3 times a day and a paracetamol i should take 3 times a day.

It’s really bad to had this disease, especially at my head and also face. It felt itchy, hot and sore. It is bad cause i shouldn’t scratch it or it would be worst. And besides this bad effect on skin i still had my fever, nausea, joint stiffness and even my eyes filled with these chicken pox.

This is my hand, my face and head are even worst. I don’t want to see any mirrors now. My hand is in a minor condition.

I hope i will get a speedy recovery and please pray for me too, friends. Thank you.

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