Our Creative Comedy Viral Talent Show, revealed!

Hello, friends!

Maybe if you often check my articles, you know that at the end of September i had a good time with my co-workers and we won the talent show in the night where we also ate all you can eat seafood on the beach, but i haven’t told you yet what did we perform and also the exercise we had been before.

First, a month before we went there when we heard about the talent show, not all of our division’s co-workers so enthusiastic about it. Cause we didn’t know what the prize and we were all busy with our own job so a co-worker only had a big plan about what we are going to do for the talent show, the others were all agree but that’s all, no more extra schedule for the practice or any other things.

Then when the time was going to get close to the outing, the meetings about it were going on and on, until before a week we went there, the amount of the final prize was mentioned, then we all so excited to join the got talent competition.

We held the practice everyday.

A co-workers so enthusiastic that he offered to lend her mothers unused aerobic costumes so that all the men co-workers (include him) who will acted as miss from all over the world could performed well. The women co-workers collected their unused make up collections, skirt, socks and all others to improve the performance.

And then the day came, we performed on get talent show.

The women co-workers were all the make up artists and also were as bodyguards to the viral artist, called Simba and also all the international miss around the world (all were totally men).

Before we performed, we make up all the men to be more women like

Before going to perform, we took some photos together.

The video has 2 parts.

First part


A co-worker, to be as Jennifer (he was a man, a father of two) introduce all of the miss around the world (Could you find me in the video?).

Second part


Then the artist sang a viral song “lagi syantik” while the miss all as the backing dancers were all dancing with her. The unusual spectacular thing happened when a judge and also an audience came to give money (nyawer) and then all the dancers came and left the singer to get the money. It was unusual thing cause nyawer was usually for the artist or singer not the dancer. I am so sorry the video had no english text, and only in indonesian cause it was totally funny and also addicted. You could hear all the audiences were so happy and all were laughing to see our performance.

As the result of this, we get the 1st prize of the competition and we have to perform as we are (no costume) before receiving the prize. I helped to sing the song together with Simba.

Here was the video


Great team work finally won the 1st place!

Hope all of you could enjoy our performance too 🙂

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