My Daily Habit, related to Chicken Pox

Hello, friends!

I would like to share my own habit nowadays, due to the chicken pox. One thing that change for sure is now i have many medicine on my medicine box next to my bed, all need to be taken daily. It’s not easy me at the beginning to remind so many medicine that the doctor gave, but now i start to learn one by one what i need to take daily.

First, and sometimes i really sick of it, it is the most important medicine i must take, antivirus tablets. I must take two of it every 6 hours and no late, it is disturbing my sleeping time. Cause i should take it every 6 hours, i take it 5.30 am, 11.30 am, 5.30 pm and 11.30 pm. I should take it 11.30 pm then should awake in the morning before this time cause it should be taken after a meal. But i often only drink milk or only eat a little then take this medicine cause i cannot eat right after i awake.

Second, the antibiotic. I must take 2 capsules of it 3 times a day after i have my meal. It’s quite common for me, it’s easy.

Third, paracetamol. I should take 2 tablets 3 times a day, like the antibiotic

And also
there were 3 kind of stomach medicine i should take in case i feel: naursea 2 tablets i should take 3 times a day,
stomachache a tablet 2 times a day and also a tablespoon of the liquid medicine which has yuck taste (i don’t like the smells it made me more sick). All of it should be taken before i have my meal. And luckily these recent 2 days my stomach has been better (Thanks Lord Jesus!) so i didn’t take need these stomach medicine anymore.

Oh almost forget, a medicine to help reduce my itchy chicken pox skin. Except many of medicine i should take, i also eat vegetables and fruits to make me more healthy day by day.

Some examples of the vegetables soup and also the fruit i take everyday.

I also keep my brain thinking about my craft idea (and also i am working on it, secret until it is finished), keep studying languages through apps and read bible (of course).
My favorite apps

Have a nice day, friends! Keep healthy, i feel healthier every new day…

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